John Taylor - Course Leader

John Taylor is the Equip Course Leader. He is one of the pastors at Christ Church Southampton. Previous to that he has been in church ministry in Birmingham, London and Surrey. He trained for ministry at Oak Hill Theological College, London.

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All of our course tutors are bible believing Christians with a wide range of experience of gospel ministry in different contexts. 

  • pAUL ADAMS  Executive Chair of BeaconLight

    I'm very pleased to be part of this new venture because Equip provides the opportunity to apply Biblical principles to contemporary disciple-making strategy and practice.

  • rob Phllips - Rector, St. Mary's Basingstoke

    I'm excited to be a part of Equip because Jesus grows his church through the equipping of men and women to communicate his word faithfully and clearly.

  • Dave Shaw - Assistant Pastor, Cornerstone Portsmouth

    I’m excited to be part of Equip because I’m sure it will train many people for a lifetime of service to the Lord Jesus!

  • John Ross - retired FIEC pastor

    I'm looking forward to being part of the Equip Course as it is so good to encourage gospel workers to be really effective for Christ and His kingdom.

  • Sophie Cornes - Student Pastor at Christ CHurch Southampton

    I'm thrilled to be part of Equip because the value of being trained up in understanding the bible better alongside practical ministry skills is a rich treasure; it's the kind of gift that keeps on giving!

  • David Tucker - itinerant minister

    I jumped at the chance to be a part of Equip because it's always a real privilege to share God's Word with those who are keen to learn more.

  • Paul Oliver - Pastor, netley christian fellowship

    I'm looking forward to the Equip Course starting because it is Bible based and Christ centered.

  • Niv Lobo - Curate at Highfield church, southampton

    I'm excited to be a small part of Equip because this kind of training has been so formative in my own life, and I've seen how it has grown confident faith in others.

  • Jane Watkins - Director of Mentoring at Growing Young Disciples

    I am passionate about passing on the truths of our wonderful God to the next generation. After many years of working in family and children's ministry, I am convinced that churches need a biblical understanding of the role of the family and the local church family. I am married to Tony and have three adult sons.

  • Trevor Stammers - recently retired GP and academic

    Even when we know what the Bible teaches, it can sometimes be difficult to understand why the Bible teaches it and even more difficult to apply its teaching to 21st century issues such as gene editing, artificial intelligence or prescribing puberty blockers and this is just my own field of former work. This course to equip Christians to apply scriptural understanding to all areas of life in uncertain times is much needed and I am sure will prove life-changing for all those involved in it.

  • Tom Bell - Doctoral Candidate and Cyber Security Consultant

    I’m excited to be part of the Equip Course because God’s Word is relevant to all of life and offers the most glorious answers to our most pressing questions.

  • Chris evans - Assistant pastor at redeemer church winchester

    I’m excited to be part of the Equip course because it is a privilege to see people grow in their knowledge, love and service of Jesus.