Is the Equip Course just for church interns or student and youth workers?

No, not at all. A good proportion of those doing The Equip Course will be Ministry Trainees, but the course is designed with a much wider demographic in mind. This is for anyone in any stage of life who would like to be further resourced for gospel ministry, e.g. pre/post university, alongside work or retirement. The course will be richer, the broader the variety of people who come. 

Isn’t the Equip Course designed around the vision of one particular church?

Not at all. We have over twelve different churches involved in The Equip Course and we are keen to be aware that people will becoming onto the course from a number of different ministry contexts and theological backgrounds. We are trying to provide a grounding in the big core aspects of church ministry that most evangelical churches would be engaged in whilst giving space for other issues of ministry and theology to be worked out within a local church.

How much does it cost?

The cost for the year is £750. This can be paid termly, and if you need to space the payments out further please do get in touch. 

Is The  Equip Course appropriate for interns, etc. as well then?

Certainly, a good proportion of those doing The Equip Course will be Ministry Trainees. The course will focus on the heart of all Christian ministry, i.e. the prayerful teaching of the Bible. Alongside regular mentoring, support and training from the sending church, The Equip Course should give any staff member a solid grounding in biblical ministry. 

Can I come to see what happens?

Absolutely. Anyone is welcome to pop in and see what we do. Please contact Jonti in advance so we can make sure that you have the appropriate hand-outs that you will need to be able to engage. 

How can I find out more?

If you have clicked through this website and have any more questions, the easiest thing to do would be to email Jonti and arrange a meeting or phone call. He willl be happy to explain more about The Equip Course.